Breathe in.

Utilizing natural harmonized sequences to synchronise
mind and body by aligning breath and movement.

Kenton Yoga is the first studio of its kind servicing Kenton-on-Sea.




Kenton Yoga offers a variety of classes to suit any level. Daily classes at varying times allow you to seamlessly incorporate yoga into your life. 

We offer private or group lessons as well as usual practice. Rent out the studio at normal prices for a private yoga class for your friends and family.

Experience benefits throughout your life with improved breathing, energy and vitality. Release your stress and centre your mind and body.


About our practice

A qualified yoga instructor, Sarah-Jane is passionate about helping others find balance and peace through the practice of yoga. Kenton Yoga offers Vinyasa yoga classes. Vinyasa means “breath synchronized movement”. This resonates in the practice, as our instructor will guide your breathing as you move from one pose to the next, allowing you to immerse your entire body in the practice.

“Sarah-Jane's classes are fun, informative and cater to everyone. She has an extremely clear way of articulating instructions to everyone in the room and you will leave with an education on how to move your body and deepen your own practice but more importantly, put a smile on your face.”
Phoebe Walters
“SJ is calm and kind and shows a true empathy to her pupils. She explains each pose thoroughly and we had so much fun challenging our bodies. She breaks down each movement and makes you realize you can do more than you think. I cannot wait to continue learning through SJ and giving my body the strength and relaxation it needs. "
Anika Cloete
“Sarah-Jane’s yoga classes are clear and easy to follow, which meant I was really able to enjoy the class, feeling challenged but never out of my depth. I really loved how she customized certain positions to cater for my back injury, I feel better than ever! Will be back for another class soon”
Olivia Stoch

Breathe Out.

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