The Practice of Yoga

The physical practice of yoga involves movement through different postures, or asanas, and is a posture based physical fitness, stress-relief and relaxation technique. A millennia-old spiritual and physical discipline, yoga originated in Ancient India and has been practiced throughout history to improve health and happiness

Through practicing yoga, thousands have been able to improve their health and mental wellness, while also experiencing increased flexibility, improved endurance and enhanced vitality. Take control of your mind and body with yoga.

Yoga Styles

Yoga is practiced is a variety of ways throughout the world. These are the most popular forms of practiced yoga.

Vinyasa is the most practiced form of yoga, and is the form taught at Kenton Yoga.

Vinyasa means linking breath with movement. The postures are usually done in a flowing sequence, or “vinyasa flow.” Vinyasa is unique in that the practice promotes relaxation while challenging your body through the movements. This powerful form of yoga has a positive effect on the body, mind, and soul.

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