About Kenton Yoga

We strive to help others achieve peace and wellness throughout their lives through the practice of yoga. We welcome students of all experience levels with several classes available throughout the week. Set in the peace of Kenton-on-Sea, Kenton Yoga provides a refuge from the stresses of everyday life, providing a space to breathe and move mindfully, relax and restore.

A haven of peace and tranquillity

Kenton Yoga is owned and operated by Sarah-Jane Wagg. Sarah-Jane comes to Kenton-on-Sea from the hustle and bustle of Sandton, Gauteng. A retired investment banker, Sarah-Jane has decades of experience integrating yoga practice into a high stress lifestyle, allowing the benefits of yoga to improve all aspects of her life. Sarah-Jane has always found peace and relaxation in her daily practice of yoga, and she is passionate about helping others achieve the same benefits. Since retiring, Sarah-Jane has gone on to complete a yoga qualification through Yoga Koh, an affiliate of Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized certification body, as well as obtaining her first aid qualification. Click here to download Sarah-Jane’s qualifications.

Kenton Yoga is affiliated with Kuda Lari Wellness retreats. Kuda Lari Wellness offer an idyllic oasis for visitors to enjoy a truly wellness orientated retreat set in luxurious accommodations, designed to rejuvenate and restore. Offering yoga, pilates, golf, horse riding on the beach, game park visits and more these retreats are a can’t miss. 

Revitalize in surroundings of peace and luxury.
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